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I love Instagram

Instagram Logo

Okay, it's safe to say I am obsessed with this app and the awesome community that has grown around it. Instagram has surgically dissected my complete and undying love for the one and only flickr, a service I've used for years and have paid for. One … [Continue reading]

Save us from “Helvetica”

Helvetica Documentary

Just got done watching this. Great doc... and yes from the title of this post... you may have guessed... I'm not a fan of the font... Maybe I would be a fan if I was living in the 1950's... but today it's like saying "conform" or "be … [Continue reading]

A must have guide to Social Media

A Notebook

If you’re trying to explain what social media is and how it influences this presentation is a must. It’s embedded below and well worth scrolling through. From RSS to micro-blogging to crowdsourcing, you’ll find a lot of new and interesting … [Continue reading]