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Archives for February 2013

House of Cards – Brilliant Series, Wasted Opportunity?

House of Cards is one of the better dramatic series I’ve seen in a while. Forget “better” the series is brilliant, it’s the best series I’ve watched since Newsroom with both an exceptional cast and a riveting story line. Netflix spent approx. $100 million producing their original series, and chose to release all 13 episodes […]

The rise of “pro-ams”

An oldie but goodie! Charles Leadbeater’s theories on innovation have compelled some of the world’s largest organizations to rethink their strategies. Originally a financial journalist now an innovation consultant, Leadbeater noticed the rise of “pro-ams” — passionate amateurs who act like professionals, making breakthrough discoveries in many fields, from software to astronomy to kite-surfing. Charles […]

“Best vision of ourselves”

“Television is our culture’s principal mode of knowing about itself. Therefore — and this is the critical point — how television stages the world becomes the model for how the world is properly to be staged. It is not merely that on the television screen entertainment is the metaphor for all discourse. It is that […]