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Archives for April 2013

Facebook, Twitter not nearly done yet.

I get really tired of reading posts from different bloggers or having conversations with “online professionals” about both these Social Networks “futures” …. “bleeding users” in one case (Facebook), “will never be mainstream” in another (twitter.) PLEASE JUST STOP. All you need is one tool to dismiss these opinions… Google Trends. Facebook: Twitter: In Comparison […]

Pleasently Shocked by “Present Shock”

“Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now” is a new book from Douglas Rushkoff that introduces the phenomenon of “presentism”, or as the title describes – “present shock” (since many of us are finding it hard to adapt to the “new normal”.) The title of the book is a play off of Alvin Toffler’s 1970 book, […]

Want to get the most out of Twitter? You need great tools.

Twitter can be incredibly hard to keep up with, seeing more than 500 million tweets per day, the micro-blogging platform is booming (and has been for a long time.) If you’re new to Twitter you’ll quickly find that after following just a hundred or so active accounts your home feed becomes almost impossible to filter, […]

6 Elements Of A Succesful Online Community

Creating a vibrant online community that is both engaged and active isn’t a simple task. It takes hard work and often a little bit of luck to be successful. This infographic from CMS Wire identifies six key elements you should employ to ensure your community has a strong foundation. Source CMSWire