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15 Videos Every Entreprenuer Should Watch

Whether you’re a kid who dreams of doing something incredible or a seasoned VC with an incredibly successful track record, we all need a little motivation, advice or inspiration sometimes. Watch any one of these 15 videos and get just that. 1. Steve Jobs: Stanford Commencement Speech 2. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates […]

My #100Sunsets Project

It’s been an incredibly long winter here on the East Coast of the United States. We’ve only just recently started to get those beautiful sunsets of summer. I’ve missed them sorely, and this years winter reminded me of the pleasure they bring me each day. So this summer I’m celebrating 100 sunsets. My goal is […]

Guy Kawasaki: What Makes Innovation?

Whether you’re running a company, “ideate-ing”, or working in an online community, there is a lot of commonality when it comes to building a great product. Guy Kawasaki presents a great guide to success in just a few of minutes. Check out the video:

Bottle = Light

Necessity + Deficiency = is the mother of invention & innovation LOVE THIS