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50 business books that could change your life

If you know me personally, you know I read… I read A LOT…. Probably an unhealthy amount. It’s not uncommon for me to walk into a bookstore with plans of buying one book but end up having walked out spending a couple hundred dollars and bags worth of books. Reading “physical” books is one of […]

8 Bullet Thursday: June 14th

What I am reading: Excited to play with this! Microsoft recently announced a developer preview release supporting JavaScript to create custom functions directly in Excel. Read the article. The open source community is doing a poor job monitoring its software for security flaws, say experts. Read the article. And once again we have a new […]

8 Bullet Thursday – June 7th

What I am reading: Is the Star Wars franchise dead? Read on. It Costs $2.50 to Make Lipstick — Here’s Why You’re Charged So Much More. Ever wonder how Instagram decides what images/videos to show you in your feed? Start here. Machine Un-Learning: Why Forgetting Might Be the Key to AI. Read the article. Why […]

8 Bullet Thursday – May 31st

What I am reading: I HATE eggs, BUT these are AMAZING. Check out these eggs. Great read. How to Slow Down Time. Great advice littered through this post. Go gobble it up ➡️ “Pocket Book of Productivity Hacks — II” Read the article. Going to try this ➡️ “A new (to me) concept for keeping […]

8 Bullet Thursday – May 24th

What I am reading: Nice. ➡️ Slack’s new tool for developers lets people do more work without leaving Slack Read the article. WIRED’s predictions for bots, Blockchain’s, Crispr, and more. Read the article. Great read ➡️ ‘Crush Them’: An Oral History of the Lawsuit That Upended Silicon Valley. Read the article. You can now download […]

8 Bullet Thursday – May 17th

What I’m Reading: Tesla Autopilot engineers considered the need for eye-tracking and steering wheel sensors to ensure driver attentiveness but executives refused due to concerns about efficacy and budget, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal; Elon Musk reportedly also worried that excessive alerts could be annoying – Read the article. Google announces Google […]

8 Bullet Thursday

Image credit. What I’m reading: Agree 1000% ➡️ Disneyflix Is Coming. And Netflix Should Be Scared. Read the article Interesting read: Generation X — not millennials — is changing the nature of work. Read the article. Startup? Startups, Beware “The Next Big Thing” Read the article. Nothing is safe anymore. This radio hacker can HIJACK […]