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11 Thoughts On Today’s Apple Watch Event

Apple Watch

Springing Forward…

1. Those new MacBooks… WOW… AmaZing. I want this computer (and in space gray), but I want more power and I have hundreds of questions about what happens to the rest of the MacBook lineup… I mean these things are thinner than the AIR.

New MacBook 2015 Space Gray

2. Nice to see some updates to the rest of the laptop lineup… BUT… no update to the most powerful MacBook Pro’s? The 15-inch will always be my primary working machine, no update for that in sight, makes me think that the “entire” machine will be updated in the relatively near future. Crap… I was just about to update my three year old MacBook Pro (that still runs like a champ) but looks like I will be waiting a little longer.

3. The entire laptop lineup has to be updated in the Fall… this new MacBook seems a little “underpowered” and the others now seem Frankenstein-esque in terms of specs – new trackpad in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but everything else without? Nah… this must and will change.

4. Why is there not a touchscreen in a MacBook yet? I was almost waiting for “and it has a touch screen” today but it never came. Maybe they are saving it for the rumored iPad Pro.

5. Haptic Feedback… ugh… looks like I am going to “have” to get used to this. Background – I’ve tested and used a bunch of Android Smartphones that include this feature… I can not stand haptic feedback in those devices. So… Can I turn it off?

6. One port to rule them all (USB-C) Queue all the haters – three years from now everyone will be doing the same.

Wait… why did I start this post with… and am still talking about laptops? I thought this event was about a Watch? Yes… I was slightly underwhelmed today, and last fall I was excited about the Watch… was that the goal? Today I’m more excited about what’s in store for MacBooks.

But back to the watch:

7. The Watch: Feel like I was made to wait almost half a year, to see almost the same presentation… one that was simply packaged a little differently, and gave me some firm pricing details… Yes I’m still excited by the watch, and yes I “still” have to wait to get one…

8. Watch Pricing: Yeah… I feel sort of slighted… first time Apple has ever made me feel that not all their fans are “equal.” Yes there will be a 10K+ watch and “no” it will not be for me – even if I could afford it – it’s only available in “limited” quantities aka… you’ll be paying more than 10K for one.

9. As much of an Apple fan as I may be – I have a hard time committing dollars to the watch I truly “want” based on the fact that this is an entirely new device and will likely be updated in a year or two.

Watch I want:
Price: $1,049

Apple Watch I Want

Watch I will likely get:
Price: $399

Watch I will likely get

10. Tim Cook seemed off today – but it was still an incredibly strong presentation – mind blowing how Apple can completely re-invent products this regularly and launch new devices at the same time.

11. Phone + Watch + Research Kit = mind blowing potential. If users adopt (my guess is they will) this will revolutionize the field of medical research. Apple… is… really… trying… to… change… the… world… this could be bigger than any of their other news today when looking “long-term.”

How did you feel about today’s Apple Spring Forward event?

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