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12 Must Watch Food Documentaries

Did you know that 90% of the food Americans consume is processed? and that 4 Americans die every 18 minutes from the food they eat? It’s no surprise obesity costs Americans 10 percent of our healthcare bills (150 billion dollars a year) and in 10 years, that number is set to double: to 300 billion […]

The Best New Fall TV Shows

Had some downtime this weekend and watched the first episodes of all the new TV shows that came out this fall season. There are still a couple of shows coming out next week, and I’ll update this list if necessary. Here’s the cream of the crop so far: The Crazy ones. CBS Image credit The […]

11 Must Watch Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

Need a little inspiration? A new way of looking at things? A breath of fresh air? Advice? Guidance? Any one of these 11 films will do the trick. In no particular order (because they are all brilliant.) Candyman – The David Kline Story Candyman is the amazing story of the candy inventor from LA who […]

House of Cards – Brilliant Series, Wasted Opportunity?

House of Cards is one of the better dramatic series I’ve seen in a while. Forget “better” the series is brilliant, it’s the best series I’ve watched since Newsroom with both an exceptional cast and a riveting story line. Netflix spent approx. $100 million producing their original series, and chose to release all 13 episodes […]

Current Favorite Ad

My mind is currently blown by this commercial !!! Way to go Google! What an amazing “lean” into becoming a much more “emotional” brand… Seriously watch this (I’m not a parent and it tugs at my heart strings)

Save us from “Helvetica”

Just got done watching this. Great doc… and yes from the title of this post… you may have guessed… I’m not a fan of the font… Maybe I would be a fan if I was living in the 1950’s… but today it’s like saying “conform” or “be UN-original.” If you are into typography, graphic design, […]