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8 Bullet Thursday

What I’m reading:

  • I lived & died in chronological feeds for years. Google Reader’s death slowly pushed me further & further down curated feeds (be they algo or otherwise). I want chronological feeds back & have decided to lean hard into services that offer them (e.g. Feedly). For more check out Benedict Evans post: The death of the newsfeed.
  • Say it ‘aint so: ‘Stranger Things’ Creators are being Sued for allegedly stealing the concept for the Netflix show. Read now.
  • Worthy read in these dark days of data un-privacy. Can Social Media Be Saved?
  • Love this point of view. “Want to change Facebook? Don’t delete your account—use it for good” Read now.
  • I get all geeky when I read stories like this: The Inside Story of Reddit’s Redesign.

What I’m watching:

This week I’ll be watching (tomorrow that is – yippee!) Ready Player One – excited – (may post a review after otherwise ask me about it in the comments/social.)


Purchases I am enjoying:

What I’ listening to:


What’s “in” in social:

If you’re in social – well it’s been a week worth of platform notifications from one service or another and all dealing with changes and limits Facebook is pushing out against their API’s coming out of concerns for privacy etc.

In the near term: It’s likely caused more of an issue to bad actors than not BUT there are a bunch of legitimate services and businesses having to fundamentally change somethings, and in certain cases, put things on hold.

The rest of the net is talking plenty about it – so I’m not going to go into a deep dive here/now.

Further reading

Strategy Corner:

“Social” buttons: Time to start thinking of this tool in general as “sharing” buttons – and while historically and what triggered the addition of this UI element was social media – realize that more and more so and for more businesses – those buttons don’t necessarily
need to be “social” or will be successful if they are “social” – open up your options up and start doing some testing, usage shifts over time.

If your data is a lot like a lot of other data I’ve been seeing as of late: – things like SMS, messenger and productivity “sharing” buttons are on the rise.

Weekly Hack:

Quote of the week:

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. -William Pollard

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