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8 Bullet Thursday – May 31st

What I am reading:

  • I HATE eggs, BUT these are AMAZING. Check out these eggs.
  • Great read. How to Slow Down Time.
  • Great advice littered through this post. Go gobble it up ➡️ “Pocket Book of Productivity Hacks — II” Read the article.
  • Going to try this ➡️ “A new (to me) concept for keeping a notebook.” Read the article.
  • Great little and very basic data science guide and walkthrough. Web Scraping, Regular Expressions, and Data Visualization: Doing it all in Python. Read the article.
  • Existential Choices in The Face of Platform Shifts. Read the article.
  • Fascinating read about how your brain makes more space: Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button–Here’s How To Use It. Read the article.
  • A sign of the times. Hello free solar. Bitcoin backlash as ‘miners’ suck up electricity, stress power grids in Central Washington. Read the article.
  • 🤖 This Media Startup Is Beating the Competition With a Newsroom Run by Robots 🤖 Read the article.
  • Jeff Bezos details his moon colony ambitions Read the article.

What I’m Watching:

Have been watching less TV this week as I have been re-modeling my apartment BUT although it’s not out yet – I am dying to watch Love Means Zero.

Check out the trailer:

Purchase I’m Enjoying:

Still keeping a super keen eye on my budget – so no amazing purchases to speak of this week, although I will be attending a conference that I am very excited about – more to come next week.

What I’m Listening to:

This week I’ve just been letting music catch my ear via radio/internet radio – so have been Shazzam’ing tracks and adding them to a playlist.

What’s “in” in social:

This week I’m just going to drop a seed for you to think about as you work through your social strategy. Social media “posts” are becoming “stories.” The world of social is changing again: No longer can you simply post to your page – users are shifting their attention to “stories” – check out the latest updates to apps like Facebook and Instagram UI, messaging etc. Their messaging has all shifted to publishing a “story” vs simply posting, with an emphasis on getting as “live” as you can in the experiences you bring to your community.

Strategy Corner:

As the environment starts to shift to posting stories in social media (read paragraph above again) – start experimenting with not only your “live” experiences, but also your “story.” If you thought it was hard to “stand out” in the feed: standing out in the stories is even harder – my gut feeling paired with my own experience managing accounts: users flip through those even faster than they ever did the feed. The experience you provide to your community need to be second to none to win. Ping me or leave a comment if you want to see some great examples of story use by brand/individuals.

Weekly Hack:

This one is for those of you on a Mac that prefer a minimal desktop experience. Use spotlight to launch your apps and access oft used folders and files. Simply press Command and the space bar at the same time to open Spotlight search. You can type the name of an app, file, or program into Spotlight. You can even use specific terms like, “Images I uploaded last month,” and click on the icon for a preview of the search results.

Quote of the week:

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. – William Pollard

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