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8 Bullet Thursdays (Possibly Saturdays) – My new commitment to writing

Over the last couple of years I’ve really struggled to keep up with writing regularly. I’ve used reminders, attempts at guilting myself, every writing exercise you could think of…. productivity hacks…. you name it…. I could list a whole host of excuses, but I’m not an excuses type of guy… end of day: life’s complicated.

The long and short of it is: I’ve had an odd mix of writers block when I have had time + an absolute lack of time to focus on anything other than health + work + family over the 18 months. Those 3 things (which end of day account for almost everything in life) have been the primary investments of my time over the last couple of years. As a result: it pretty much put this website and many, many, many of my other passions on hold.

The need to explore and spend time on my passions, well…. that need has not gone anywhere… never does… you either listen to it or you do not… if you are lucky you find work that fills that speaks to your passions, and it becomes work you love. Lately that little voice in my head has been SCREAMING… and LOUDLY.

Not sure if it’s an age thing or if I’m just about to enter a new creative/productive phase in my life (my current employer is gonna be happy -seriously: I get even more productive than I usually am), but lately I’ve been having lots of gut feelings that I need to be spending more time on x, or y, or z, and if I don’t: I am going to really regret not doing so later… I’m not into regrets, I regret nothing… I want to keep it that way.

Usually… I listen to my gut, and that’s what I am doing in this case. how I have neglected you…. It’s time to start writing again.

In an effort to hold myself accountable, and to pay attention to one of my passions:- I am committing to publishing one regular, themed piece of content, every week, no exceptions. (well maybe holiday weekends)

I’d love to set a goal of writing more than that each week, hell… I would love to write here everyday … BUT … I’ve made that New Year’s resolution before, and while I did write more that year, I allowed myself to get “busy.”

I have to start “somewhere” and I figured holding myself to publishing something “regularly” and making that thing pretty similar in “structure” from week to week would:

  1. Make it easier for me to actually write.
  2. Help further develop an audience I have simply not paid enough attention to – (yes all 300+ of you that have signed up for email but rarely get one…)
  3. Serve as a new creative outlet.
  4. Help me generate more ideas, and more frequently.
  5. Make me absolutely and filthy stinking rich.
  6. Make me some friends.

So… to that end, and thanks to a little inspiration from Tim Ferris, Gary V, Kevin Rose, my Mom, my Kid, and a bunch of other people that will go unnamed that I call my friends:

I’m introducing the concept of 8 Bullet Thursdays.

What is 8 Bullet Thursday?

Every Thursday, I will publish a post with some of the cooler, more interesting things I’ve found (or explored) during the week across some loosely defined categories. That cool stuff might include books, gadgets, articles, thoughts, strategy, a hack or two…. but essentially a mixed media mashup up of modern content and culture.

Where did the idea come from?

Tim Ferris has this email he sends out each week: ” 5 bullet Fridays“, I’ve subscribed to it for years, and I started reading his blog and books for.. what feels like almost a decade (and as I look back, it probably is that long or longer, yeah def. longer) … so… to say his weekly email did not inspire the idea would be a lie. It totally served as an inspiration, but so did Gary V’s emails/social activity, and so did Kevin Rose’s Journal, and so did my kid who wants to build a website…

Inspiration comes from everywhere… to say any *one* thing sparked this idea would be inaccurate. For me: “8 bullets” seemed like the easiest way to wrap a little structure around “all the stuff I get into”, and make it easier to write from week to week, and commit to writing.

So that’s how I am going to start.

Initially I thought: “let’s just do 5 bullets”, super quick, let’s make it easier for yourself…. but then as I mapped out some of the topics I’d like to feature regularly each week, I hit 5 bullets quickly, then hit 7, and then said to myself: “hey “8” is my luckiest of numbers: so let’s squeeze that extra bullet in for good luck.”

Action Pad Ideas

Ideas evolve, contents evolves… 8 bullets may become 10, or may become 8 different posts. But overcommitting gets you nowhere and for now: I commit to 1 new 8 bullet post a week.

End of day: My weekly 8 bullet post is going to cover stuff I am currently into: gadgets, music, movies, stuff going on in the social and tech space. Surprisingly I get into a lot… but one of my weaknesses (if it is one) is: I am a very cerebral person. Often, I can/do get deeply entrenched in a new idea, or xyz project, product, work etc. and lose myself in it for days, weeks, months… in some cases years. (my close friends and family hate this)

So from now on: If I get lost in “something” -> you are likely coming along for the ride. (that is IF you continue to come back, read my posts, and find me and what I write about in the least bit interesting.)

What will the 8 bullets look like?

  • What I am reading: a list of links – may include some commentary.
  • What I am watching: cool videos, or whatever I am currently binging on over on that platform called Netflix.
  • Purchases I am enjoying: Hey, we all spend money, and I am usually “that guy” (the one who has it first, or has already tired of it… I mean tried it) be it Google Glasses, the next new iPhone, or even the new local coffee shop.
  • What I am listening to: ah music… the “tell” of every generation.
  • What’s “in” in social: latest news in the social space.
  • Strategy Corner: Where I might do some deep dives.
  • Weekly Hack: Growth hack, development hack, car hack, life hack – you name it: you are gonna get some kind of MacGyver-esque hack. (hey: I am trying to get on Scorpion…. and I perform well under intense pressure… to be clear intense pressure: mild pressure bores me… literally.)
  • Quote of the week – hey some readers love these, some hate them, end of day I share words that resonate with me – I may or may not share the reason why.


I am going to try and keep the word count down to around 1,000-1,200 words, but there may be times I do a deep dive into something where a post will be longer, right now all I am willing to commit to is: 1 new “8 Bullet post” a week… whether I publish the post on Thursday or Saturday… or some other day… I won’t commit to *yet* (it will be same day each week tho. when I make that decision.)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the planned content, if you, as a reader would prefer Thurs over Sat? Want an email she to you with the latest link? Or a messenger bot delivering the post to you? Just shout. (in the comments below or share them in comments on social.)

Feedback is my lifeblood, and if there are things you’d like to see included, or something you think is post-worthy I’d love to connect with you.

Likewise if you think my stuff is sh*t or THE SH*T I’d love to hear from you. (follow the link I promise a good laugh – mildly NSFW)

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