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Got Data?

If you market online frequently, the answer to that question is inevitably “yes.”

One of the biggest challenges to effective measurement is data living in “silos.” A set of data points here, another set there, yet a third in some other far off database, all with walls (or huge excel sheets and lots of pivot tables) between them, and with you needing to overlap them all to give a “real” picture of what’s happening through your different marketing efforts.

SumAll Dashboard

Enter SumAll a company “committed to bringing you the full power of your data by connecting it.” In short, SumAll leverages the API’s of popular online marketing tools to pull in all your different points of data, and mash them up, giving you a dashboard with the ability to easily see “how” and “what” is really driving you towards your goals.

Whether you are trying to master your many social accounts, analyze sales trends, or grow your brand, SumAll can help you pull in all the right information from the services you use to give you true insights into your data that you can act on.

SumAll is a free tool and is currently in beta, a misnomer, as unlike many “beta’s” this product works incredibly well. At some point they are going to charge for their platform (it’s too powerful not too) as they improve, add features, more services etc., but, they’ve promised to always offer a limited-feature free plan which makes it incredibly attractive to use even as a basic tool.

Check out the service and sign up for a free account here and, as always, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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