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Innovation: Myths vs. Realities


The “face” of innovation is changing. It’s becoming increasingly open and even more vital to continued success in an ever increasing competitive environment.

Open Innovation is something I’ve always believed in… it speaks to my community roots. I’ve often run into challenges from individuals who come from a more “closed” innovation culture and have always found that there are some common myths about innovation that need to be dispelled before even attempting to get “buy-in” to a more “open” path.

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I’ve presented some of the false perceptions about innovation below and have included what, in my opinion, are some of the realities that speak to innovating openly. (I’ve tried to keep these points short and sweet as each one could be a lengthy post in their own right.)

Myth: Innovation comes from a flash of Insight about your product

Reality: Innovation comes from immersing yourself in a topic/market/product/brand

Myth: Innovation comes from developing and investing in a single idea

Reality: Innovation comes from having many ideas, many of which, often fail.

Myth: Innovation means coming up with an “invention”

Reality: Innovation comes from investing the time to further develop ideas and existing products.

Myth: Innovation is “Individualistic”

Reality: Innovation comes through “Collaboration”

Myth: Innovation comes from having knowledge about something

Reality: Innovation often comes from admitting you lack knowledge

Myth: New “Learning” is vital to the process

Reality: “Un-learning” is just as vital if not more important to the process

Have more examples of myths about innovation that speak to adopting a more open approach? Please share :)

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