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The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

This is awesome.

MoMA | Talk to Me | The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

David McCandless used his own experience to create a pyramid diagram of the interferences constantly gnawing at our attention span in this socially networked, data-consuming world. Devices and websites, represented by logos, are sorted by how potentially distracting they are, stacked according to which activities and notifications are more likely to cause us to abandon whatever we are doing: a call on the land line trumps Facebook, at least until the arrival of a text message. McCandless has also calibrated the relative importance of different kinds of e-mail, tweets, and Facebook notifications, all of which hover between the bottom of the pyramid, representing “Any kind of actual work,” and the top, marked “Partner shuts the lid of laptop on your fingers.” McCandless also takes on topics of global importance in his visualizations.

Check it out.

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