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Unboxing Google Glass

Signed up for the Google Glass Explorer Program a while back, got my invite to the service not long ago. Really excited to start exploring the world #ThroughGlass and taking a peek into the future of wearable tech. The box: (simple & beautiful) Upon opening: (anticipation) Pulling back the cover: (it’s really here) Setup: (takes […]

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

This is awesome. MoMA | Talk to Me | The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions David McCandless used his own experience to create a pyramid diagram of the interferences constantly gnawing at our attention span in this socially networked, data-consuming world. Devices and websites, represented by logos, are sorted by how potentially distracting they are, stacked […]

Get Viddy With It

I guess I was thinking about this video when I thought of a title for this post (seriously couldn’t come up with another one… and if someone makes a “get viddy with it” version… I want a mention in the creds :) Viddy is a fun way to take short videos (15 seconds worth is […]

Are you using Flipboard?

The social magazine app Flipboard fulfills one of the many promises of the iPad, presenting social data and “news” in an incredibly robust and interactive way. It pulls down a real-time stream of social data and delivers that data in a bright, personalized, touch-screen interface. The app takes the short messages and links shared by […]

I love Instagram

Okay, it’s safe to say I am obsessed with this app and the awesome community that has grown around it. Instagram has surgically dissected my complete and undying love for the one and only flickr, a service I’ve used for years and have paid for. One of the reasons Instagram is so successful is because […]