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8 Bullet Thursday

What I’m reading: I lived & died in chronological feeds for years. Google Reader's death slowly pushed me further & further down curated feeds (be they algo or otherwise). I want chronological feeds back & have decided to lean hard into services … [Continue reading]

8 Bullet Thursday

What I’m reading: Just when you thought desktops have pretty much gone as far as they will go - here come the machines for advanced machine learning and other AI work. HP unveiled its' Nvidia-powered workstation for machine learning development. … [Continue reading]

8 Bullet Thursday

What I’m reading: Worried about what democracy's will do with face tracking technologies? Check out what an autocratic regime deploys... China’s New Frontiers in Dystopian Tech. Read now. "Games don't cause violence" A candid conversation with a … [Continue reading]

8 Bullet Thursday

What I am reading: Interesting look at airBnB's impact on New York City. A recent report by David Wachsmuth, a professor of Urban Planning at McGill University, zeroes in on New York City in an effort to answer the question of exactly what home … [Continue reading]

8 Bullet Thursday

21 tips to increase facebook engagement

Photo from Mike Baird What I'm reading: WeWork is acquiring Conductor. Little depressing: No signs of newborn North Atlantic Whales this season. "We’re looking at the very real possibility of extinction." Talent isn't everything. "The results … [Continue reading]

8 Bullet Thursdays (Possibly Saturdays) – My new commitment to writing

Over the last couple of years I've really struggled to keep up with writing regularly. I've used reminders, attempts at guilting myself, every writing exercise you could think of.... productivity hacks.... you name it.... I could list a whole host of … [Continue reading]

50 business books that could change your life

50 business books for entrepreneurs

If you know me personally, you know I read... I read A LOT.... Probably an unhealthy amount. It's not uncommon for me to walk into a bookstore with plans of buying one book but end up having walked out spending a couple hundred dollars and bags worth … [Continue reading]