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My 2 cents on Google’s “Mobilegeddon”

Google, the preeminent leader in search, launched an algorithm yesterday that favors sites that are "mobile-friendly." What does that mean? It means that people who use Google to search on their smartphone will see different results at the top of … [Continue reading]

4 Quick Thoughts on Today’s F8 Keynote

F8 Keynote

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the company’s developer conference today by saying the event, called F8, would focus less on product announcements and more on serving the developer community... and it delivered on just that. My thoughts: … [Continue reading]

11 Thoughts On Today’s Apple Watch Event

Apple Watch

Springing Forward... 1. Those new MacBooks... WOW... AmaZing. I want this computer (and in space gray), but I want more power and I have hundreds of questions about what happens to the rest of the MacBook lineup... I mean these things are thinner … [Continue reading]

23 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

21 tips to increase facebook engagement

Facebook marketing for your business can be very effective, when done right. With Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm being the social engagement equivalent to Google’s Search Algorithms it’s important to share content that will: Appeal to the News … [Continue reading]

Breaking down the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Breaking down the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

How does Facebook determine what to show in your News Feed? It has everything to do with their News Feed Algorithm. Similar to how Google has algorithms that determine the best search results to display, Facebook has an incredibly sophisticated … [Continue reading]

9 Tips To Get More Retweets

9 Tips to get more retweets

Twitter has become one of the most valuable tools on the web today. It has altered the social landscape and become the internet's watercooler. It is a highly public medium that can immediately expand your reach and that is why almost everyone in … [Continue reading]

Trends to Watch in 2015

Trends to watch in 2015

Mobile Wallets Go Mainstream It will finally become possible to step out of the house with nothing but your smartphone this year. Whether it's payments, loyalty cards, reward programs or ID's, in 2015 you'll see more people whip out their … [Continue reading]