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Unboxing Google Glass

Google Glass

Signed up for the Google Glass Explorer Program a while back, got my invite to the service not long ago. Really excited to start exploring the world #ThroughGlass and taking a peek into the future of wearable tech. The box: (simple & … [Continue reading]

5 Great Tools For Creating Visual Content

Passion, Purpose, People, Products, Partners

"A picture is worth a thousand words" (or thousand potential pageviews.) Seriously though, visual content (photos, infographics, slideshows, presentations) are a great way to spice up your blog posts, web pages and social media … [Continue reading]

The Best New Fall TV Shows

Robin Williams - The Crazy Ones

Had some downtime this weekend and watched the first episodes of all the new TV shows that came out this fall season. There are still a couple of shows coming out next week, and I'll update this list if necessary. Here's the cream of the crop so far: … [Continue reading]

6 Must-Read Social Media Books

Social Media ROI Book Cover

Whether you are a novice wanting to learn the world of social media or a seasoned social media pro (there is always room to learn more) these 6 books are for you. I view all of them as "Must-Reads" if you are in the field of Social Media. Come to … [Continue reading]

11 Must Watch Documentaries for Entrepreneurs


Need a little inspiration? A new way of looking at things? A breath of fresh air? Advice? Guidance? Any one of these 11 films will do the trick. In no particular order (because they are all brilliant.) Candyman - The David Kline … [Continue reading]

Domo Arigato Mr. Memoto

Memoto Lifelogging Camera

I've had many moments in my life where I've wished I had a picture (or series of pictures) of an event I experienced, and I've gone to great lengths making sure I have some form of camera on me at all times. From small digital cameras in the … [Continue reading]

The Quantified Self & Lifelogging

Jawbone UP sleep data

As I plan to do a few posts over the next week or so about wearable tech, I thought it might be best to quickly introduce the concepts of the "Quantified Self" and Lifelogging. (Some of you may know both concepts really well, so feel free to skip … [Continue reading]